Scattershooting: Popularity

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Scattershooting not skeetshooting

The punchline

After looking over the stats of this blog to rid acne, it’s become painfully obvious to me that a fair share of readership is coming from the great north expanse known as America’s 51 st state–Canada. The Canucks have forced me to readjust my entire outlook going forward.

Readers may start seeing more shout outs to puckchaser greats of yore like Gordy Howe, Bobby Orr, Eddie Shore, Wayne Gretzky, Red Kelly (the original R. Kelly, but without the legal problems) and Maurice Richard. This homage to old school hockey will be sudden, swift and severe. It may even cause a kerfuffle or two. You may see the tone of this blog shift to covering minor league hockey and the focus of a post or ten fixating on ice fishing, moose wresting and the top ten curling shots of the 2000s.

This will be done to reflect the needs and wants of the readership and will allow me to take on sponsors like any number of skookum Canadian beer companies. There may come a time in the near future when you see a banner for such a beer brand and forget this blog used to target the teenage geared skin care acne niche. Darwin always said it’s not the strongest or smartest that survives, but the most adaptable.

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