Does coffee cause acne?

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Does coffee cause acne?

The sweet release of coffee

We all have routines and rituals that start the day. For some, a cup of coffee is an outright necessity, mandating almost obsequious dependence—the smell, the intoxicating aroma that lures the user in, is worthy of worship. How many times have you bleak, weary eyed souls, staggered out of bed, belly crawled along the floor, seeking reproach from your slumber, in the hopes that a steaming pot is brewing at the end of your miserable journey?

Unless you have a butler or maid, or someone that approaches this approximate skill set, then you probably have to make it yourself or stomach the kind made by what ever type of creature you cohabit with (pets not included). Either way, an almost unholy banshee of a monster is craving that first sip to re-chain the savage beast and welcome the embrace of civilization.

I theorize that modern society would fall back a thousand years into a second dark ages the day coffee or its equivalent were banished from our existence. Maybe tea could fill the gap, but that would be a pretty wide chasm, requiring quick thinking or some mad sick run on energy drinks and hyper-caffeinated products. Ah, there’s the rub. Caffeine. It’s not the coffee or the ritual that goes with it that has us so ensnared, but the caffeine– the juice that fuels the engine of society.

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