How oil-pulling can help fight acne inflammation

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Oil pulling acne

 Oil-pulling acne review

This post will be about oil-pulling acne techniques and how it relates to helping curb inflmmation. Unfortunately, that will involve using Ayurvedic techniques once more. For those of you who may find the vernacular of this post not suited to your tastes or interests, this is the head’s up. For those that read the last post, I’m sure you’re all getting closer to being members of some Justice League or neo-Avengers superhero elite club or maybe at least the anti-villain in the story you’ve written. Kudos.

A quick backtrack

Now, before I get on track, I need to twirl around the beaten path a time or two, so bear with me.

I empathize with everyone experiencing acne. It sucks. When you have it, your life feels like it’s on standstill. Social life? Say what? LOL I know. Believe me, I know. So it may seem like I’m having a bit of fun with this blog and with some of the real meat yet to be delivered, my internal dialogue rages about dropping the goods so to speak. The treasure chest with all the holy grail techniques that were discovered long ago.

My guide has some of them, but it’s more like an outline with some basic ideas. The real top-shelf material is coming, but I can’t release it all at once or the Internet will break and a chasm between dimensions will open and nothing will ever be the same again.

The reality is there are so many different ideas, products and interesting practices that can help. If you are reading this blog in its early inception, you are like a pioneer, waiting with galling patience to find out what’s over the next hill as you pass all the sun bleached remnants of what’s come before. If you’re reading this blog in a year, you’ll likely have an acne fighting tool box that overfloweth into a tool shed.

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