Can dairy cause acne? The relationship between diet, dairy and acne.

does dairy cause acne, dairy acne
Can dairy cause acne?

Does dairy cause acne?

I can’t concur enough about looking into interlinking role between diet, dairy and acne. In later posts, I’ll go into some interesting ideas for researching treatments but in essence most remedies are responses to the symptoms and not a bead on the cause or source. For me, diet played an overwhelming role in the cure, as my cystic acne outlived adolescence and thrived into adulthood.

Starting with dairy, I found that the elimination of certain food items made a profound difference in the condition, which in turn led to greater control. At first, I kept thinking no, there must be some mistake. My doctor, dermatologist along with conventional medical wisdom was most assure that I could crush pizzas buffets without abandon, devour sweets in epic amounts, consume chocolate in excess, and quaff gallons of milk with little or no bearing on my condition.

Well, they weren’t encouraging the excess part but they did seem to think that acne from dairy in the diet had nothing to do with my pimple turmoil. It was in all probability hormonal and whether I ate pounds of veggies or a bag of candy, the results would stay somewhat consistent and steady.

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