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Scattershooting not skeetshooting

The punchline

After looking over the stats of this blog to rid acne, it’s become painfully obvious to me that a fair share of readership is coming from the great north expanse known as America’s 51 st state–Canada. The Canucks have forced me to readjust my entire outlook going forward.

Readers may start seeing more shout outs to puckchaser greats of yore like Gordy Howe, Bobby Orr, Eddie Shore, Wayne Gretzky, Red Kelly (the original R. Kelly, but without the legal problems) and Maurice Richard. This homage to old school hockey will be sudden, swift and severe. It may even cause a kerfuffle or two. You may see the tone of this blog shift to covering minor league hockey and the focus of a post or ten fixating on ice fishing, moose wresting and the top ten curling shots of the 2000s.

This will be done to reflect the needs and wants of the readership and will allow me to take on sponsors like any number of skookum Canadian beer companies. There may come a time in the near future when you see a banner for such a beer brand and forget this blog used to target the teenage geared skin care acne niche. Darwin always said it’s not the strongest or smartest that survives, but the most adaptable.

Maybe this will be a hasty move and future reflection will find that large segments of readers may come from Nevada—at which time the point of this blog will revolve around casino games, card sharks and who has the best buffets on the Vegas strip. The point I’m trying to make is if you don’t like the direction this blog is taking, wait a week and I’ll do a 180 after studying google analytics or pouring over reams of data from focus groups. So it goes.

The setup

Of course, I’m joking. Now, for everyone that hasn’t left for the exits, I’ve got a few treats in store. I try to mix these posts up, sprinkle some humor and sarcasm here and there in the hopes I don’t sound like the monotone teacher in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Ben Stein, I still want to win your money).

The trick is not to do it too much to the point where I make a strong and serious point and people go, “sure Leprechaun spit or snail slime cures acne scars, whatever.” The goal is to try and strike the proper balance. You dear reader will be the judge and jury, the ultimate arbiters. What’s wacky? What’s tacky? You decide. Stay or go– you decide, because the eccentricities of the site will remain. So buckle up and get ready!

Methuselah’s children

With that in mind, I wanted to bring up a few salient points and some of the lesser looked at positives about the acne vulgaris condition. Good? Yes, you did read that correctly.

According to some of the best acne research from 2016, there may be some positive benefits to having acne. Huzzah! While the research is still in its infancy, this paper goes into describing extended telomere length and the relationship acne may play. What is a telomere or how do you define telomere? For a telomere definition think of them as the shoelace aglets (caps) on the end of chromosomes and with each successive round of cellular division, the DNA strands grow shorter and shorter.

acne aglets, telomere definition, define telomere, pimple popper
Credit to Wiki commons.
acne telomere, define telomere, what is a telomere, youtube pimple popper
Credit to Wiki commons.

The longer the telomere, the better the ability to preserve the genetic translation, the less errors, the better for over all health. The reason is once the chromosome strands grow too short, cellular death (apoptosis) commences.

Now, don’t go getting your plans for the 22nd century in order just yet. This is potentially positive adult acne news, but further research is needed, in addition to interpretation, as some scientists take a different view on what the results mean. In fact, here’s a pretty objective and solid breakdown of the study.

With that in mind, forget about the 2200s and start thinking about partying like it’s 2999. Mhmm.

Queen of Pop: Dr. Sandra Lee

Recently, I came across the cultural phenomenon sweeping the acne niche and is becoming a bit of sub-niche in its own right—the pimple popping videos of Dr. Sandra Lee (aka Dr. Pimple Popper) on youtube. Don’t know what I speak? Well, that will no longer be the case after this blurb about the youtube pimple popper extraordinaire.

Keep in mind some of the Dr.Pimple Popper youtube videos posted may be unsettling for many (think traumatizing to the point of needing therapy sessions for PTSD). Though judging by the millions of  viewers for Dr.Sandra Lee, I’m guessing a few will find these of value.

We’ve all thought we had the biggest zit. Maybe the biggest zit popped, too. Popping a zit is usually considered beyond bad-with the mess and the dreaded after effects. Plus, a big zit pop usually leaves an unpleasant scar. That is unless you get a professional or use the right equipment.

dr sandra lee dermatologist, dr. sandra lee, dr.pimple popper, pimple popper, youtube pimple popper
Dr Sandra Lee aka Dr pimple popper uses more exact equipment than this. You can get some of her equipment by clicking here.

The unintended effects of the big zit pop

Outside of the educational aspects of Dr. Pimple Popper’s videos (for which there are many), there’s a psychological component attached, too. I believe it’s cathartic seeing the end to some of these painful zits and traumatic conditions. You know some of these have to hurt like hell, so seeing the patient get some relief is cool.

If I were to take a step back and try on my webchair psychology hat (thank you, Google University), I’d say deep down the closure we see in these videos is in the same sense what we want to see in our own condition.

Once more, these videos of Dr. Sandra Lee are excellent reminders to seek professional help when acne cysts, carbuncles, etc. get out of hand. Acne control is super serious at this point. It’s not worth going solo with a cracker jack toy resembling a paper clip, all the while fashioning an invention out of bailing wire, duct tape and a zippo lighter sporting a bullet hole. I’m sure we all have a story the time that happened. Am I right?

Ok, final chance. These Dr.Pimple Popper videos aren’t for the squeamish. If you’re about to eat, hoping to enjoy life in ignorance of knowledge, or wish to not be sufficiently freaked out about what could happen during the worst case, then avert your eyes now, child! For all the rest of you fiendish ghouls and curiosity rubber neckers, I present the gallery of the grotesque. Some of you with weaker stomachs may need a puke bucket, so be forewarned.

The Hypnotic Lava Lamp of Dr. Sandra Lee biggest zit spectacle

Toothpaste squeezes, alien bodies, mac & cheese pop zit attacks

Marbles, river rocks, guacamole and crusty chili con queso cystic zit

Look, I could post these all day but I won’t. One aspect about them that probably lends to their viral worthy status is Dr.Sandra Lee’s humor. Indeed, it’s also awesome to see the good nature of the patients and the ease at which Dr. Sandra Lee’s attitude so effectively puts them. It’s behavior worth emulating.

Don’t forget, if you want to get some of Dr. Pimple Popper’s equipment, click here to purchase.

This post contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using these links.

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