Acne pep talk

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Acne and emotions

Acne and emotions

One issue that tends to get glossed over is the emotional aspect of acne anxiety. Many suffers are teenagers and emotions are already bubbling up and over like a super volcano waiting to go boom. Stress plus hormones and rapid life changes equals massive upheaval. I mention this to remind adults that bad acne vulgaris and acne rosacea can have severe and devastating impacts on a person’s psyche and that it’s not merely a rite of passage and easy burden to brush off.

Especially not when our society is so image conscious and it seems like the totality of high school revolves around status and standing which can really crater when that heaping Godzilla of the biggest zit pops up and roars to life, leaving havoc and emotional destruction in its wake.

Anyone that’s suffered from severe cystic pimple knows. I’m not talking about a few blackheads in the ear or one big whitehead and woe is me. I’m talking about the whole damn facial battlefield that kills confidence and blows up the stress factor to like a million. It really is a compounding spiral.

Throw in the flawless beauties and their ever so helpful advice about how you too would have a perfect complexion if you only washed your face a little more. That’s if they’re nice. The bastards, and everyone reading this page knows what I speak, can push the wrong buttons and leave your emotional elevator headed straight to hell.

Acne and stress

It’s this stress we need to fight as much as the beautiful acne. Though not a singular cause of a blackhead pimple or a cyst pimple, it’s a contributing factor. My hope with this website is to inform but also to entertain with zany humor. Humor is awesome at decompression. Though don’t let the antics interfere with the sincerity of what I’m saying. I feel your suffering because I lived it.

Depressed about acne–a shared life lesson

People are people and even though adulthood is supposed to cure us of the folly of adolescence, it doesn’t necessarily. I’m saying this to anyone reading that may be young and think adults have it all figured out. We don’t. Too often, life as an adult is merely a carry over of high school. You still have your flawless helpers and bastard supremes and status seekers and well, you get the idea. The only difference is your body isn’t experiencing the accentuated ruin of hormonal napalm. Well, maybe not as much.

Simply put, the meandering point I’m trying to make is that the world is tough. When the going gets tough, the tough take out their machete and wait, wait…wrong blog. No, what I was going for is that that we can’t always control people’s actions or how they perceive us but we can control how we respond.

How to have confidence with acne

Having confidence with acne isn’t always easy. As simplistic as this sounds consider the next time a person casts a vile comment your way what must be going on underneath their mask and emotional hood. Good, decent people don’t go out of their way to make others feel lower than animal excrement scraped from the bottom of one’s shoe. They just don’t– unless they’re having a particularly off day and you caught the blow back. Don’t take it personal. Don’t make it personal.

How to be beautiful with acne

Breath. Remember you are the culmination of complexities more astounding and numerable to count. Mark every blessing you have and be grateful. Rejoice in every amazing family member, friend that loves you and sees the astounding and beautiful treasure you truly are.

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How to get rid of acne? An end is in sight.

The world needs more beacons of light and less makers of shade.

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8 thoughts on “Acne pep talk”

  1. What’s up! Perfect comment! I appreciate the sentiment that you described, “You are not your acne. You are not your imperfections. The light of the world shines inside you.” Impressive!

    Thank you for taking the time to touch upon the complexities of the psychology and acne. It doesn’t get enough mention.

    1. Thanks, Latisha. Perspective is so important. I consider when people act cruel and unkind, they do it either because they don’t know any better (ignorance) or something profound and drastic has happened to them and they aren’t their “normal” selfs. Generally, I think most people that act in this manner are oblivious to the kind of impact they have on others and this would be a better world if we all considered our actions, even if only for a few extra seconds. Again, thanks for the comment.

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