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Acneageddon freebie: click picture for link to a free acne fighting guide.

The adventure begins

Hello, hello! Acneageddon is about the down and dirty subject of acne vulgaris and acne rosacea. The inspiration for this blog is rooted in the hope that people will benefit from its information.  Who knows? Maybe good karma will flow through the universe for all perpetuity, too.

It’s not enough to say that this or that alone is the holy grail of acne slaying. I wish it were that easy. In fact, in my experience, different approaches need to be applied for different people. I’m reminded of that when a dermatologist told me years ago that diet played no part or role in the outbreak of acne. He was merely relaying the conventional medical wisdom at the time, but conventional wisdom can change and so further research has shown that yes, indeed diet does play a part. I figured this out down the road on my own but it’s important to stress that though science is far from perfect, it does strive to get us all a little closer to the truth. Summation and golden reminder: what may work for one, may not for another.

Click the link in the picture to get access to a free acne fighting guide. It’s hardly the be all, end all, but it’s a good start. Brevity forced me to narrow the focus. It’s not hard to imagine a few of those topics turning up as future articles.

Recently, this blog was awarded as one of the top 35 acne blogs on the net by Feedspot.com. Thank you dear readers for your continued support and kudos.

So with that in mind, take acneageddon as an entertaining, enlightening journey into the catharsis of my experience and investigation. Enjoy your stay. Rummage round a bit. Drop comments. Come back often. Articles and reviews should be appearing with some degree of regularity. One final caveat: please don’t take this blog to be medical advice. Read the disclaimer.

Embrace the journey!


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